Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones create interest, texture and colour in your garden. Use them to make informal paths that wend their way through your property, cross wet areas, connect areas of interest and create a visual tie between architecture and the landscape. Stepping stone paths break up expanses of turf and accentuate attractive areas of your garden. They also work well as borders.

Creating a path using stepping stones instead of paving a large area is less expensive and preserves the natural look of the landscape. Stepping stones can also be placed between paved surfaces to minimise expanses of pavement and connect separate activity areas. Steppers also create variety in your garden especially when contrasted with decorative pebbles, adding even more volume to your design.

Stepping stones also play an important role in stabilising soil, minimising wear in turf and providing a safe, attractive way to traverse slopes. Outdoor & General Sydney has the widest range of stepping stones including natural steppers and answers to all your DIY questions including, What are stepping stones? and How to lay stepping stones?

You will find on display our range of natural stone steppers, creative wet cast concrete steppers that look and feel natural, and concrete pavers that accentuates the outdoor features of your home or business.


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