• STAIN-PROOF® Color Enhancing Sealer

    STAIN-PROOF® Color Enhancing Sealer

    from AUD $110.00
    (per unit)

    STAIN-PROOF® Colour Enhancing Sealer, formerly known as INTENSIFIA™, is the ultimate combination of enhancer and sealer. Natural stone, masonry and other hard porous materials will have deep, long lasting colour enrichment and premium water and oil-based stain protection.



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  • STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer

    STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer

    from AUD $75.00
    (per unit)

    STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer offers both rich colour enhancement and water and liquid protection through a patented combination of silicone technology. The result is a long-lasting, penetrating oil and water repellent that deepens and enriches the natural colour of concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors and cement surfaces.



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  • Environex Premium Bluestone Sealer

    Environex Premium Bluestone Sealer

    from AUD $160.00
    (per unit)

    Premium Bluestone Sealer is a specially formulated natural penetrating sealer developed for Bluestone and
    other natural stone and masonry surfaces. This penetrating sealer is formulated to keep the natural colour of the
    stone and will not change the surface texture but may darken slightly.


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  • Environex Tuscan TSL Premium Sealer

    Environex Tuscan TSL Premium Sealer

    from AUD $155.00
    (per unit)

    A new generation super concentrated almost invisible penetrating sealer that will not change the surface texture but may slightly enhance the colour of the paver surface. Designed for use on porous materials such as terracotta, travertine and sandstone as well as granite, marble, clay and concrete pavers. Is ideal where a long lasting, low maintenance finish is required. Provide a barrier to staining from commonly encountered materials such as coffee, cooking oils, margarine, wine and general foot traffic. The durability of the product makes it suitable for use in interior and exterior environments and may be buffed if a higher gloss appearance is desired. Generally a minimum of 2-3 even coats should be applied. Coverage will vary from 5 – 30 m2 per litre depending on the quality and porosity substrate being sealed.



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  • Endure Wet Look Sealer
  • Environex Synergy Combination Consolidator & Sealer

    Environex Synergy Combination Consolidator & Sealer

    from AUD $160.00
    (per unit)

    Synergy is a new generation penetrating liquid that consolidates, hardens and binds the surface of porous and friable masonry materials. It also possesses premium penetrating sealer properties to ensure maximum protection of the stone from permanent staining and has been scientifically developed and laboratory tested against Australian Standards. Developed especially for use around all swimming pools to assist in prevention of salt attack and is warranted for a period of 2 years. Is suitable for most porous internal and external stone and masonry surfaces and will protect against grease, grime, mould and mildew. Dip sealing the copers with the first coat is recommended and approximately 10 square metres per litre, per coat. 2-3 coats are required depending on the porosity of the stone. More porous masonry requires more coats for adequate protection properties.



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  • Environex Hi-Lite Premium Sealer

    Environex Hi-Lite Premium Sealer

    from AUD $95.00
    (per unit)

    HI-LITE is a premium semi penetrating sealer designed to darken and highlight the natural beauty of the stone without making the surface too slippery. HI-LITE is suitable for internal, external, domestic and commercial surfaces. Suitable for honed and polished block walling. May not be suitable for honed or polished natural stone and wet cast paving. Generally 2 even coats should be applied. Approx 10 to 12 square metres per litre per coat, pending on the porosity of the surface.


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  • Environex Pinnacle TSL Premium Sealer

    Environex Pinnacle TSL Premium Sealer

    Out of Stock

    Pinnacle TSL is a slight colour enhancing new generation penetrating organic solvent-based sealer designed for use on dense surfaces with low porosity. This sealer will prevent permanent staining from common household items, whilst allowing the surface to retain its natural appearance. Best results are obtained using at least two coats. A total of 1L of Pinnacle TSL is required to cover approx 5 square metres.


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