Returns & Refunds

What is our Returns Policy?

Please refer to our General Terms & Conditions of Sale for a complete overview of our Returns and refunds policy. Please read them thoroughly under General Terms & Conditions.

Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have changed your mind, made a wrong selection or found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders on your shopping cart before finalising your order.

Any damages, faults and irregularities in goods must be notified within 2 working days of the delivery. You must notify us immediately of any missing or damaged goods. Due to the nature of goods such as pavers, tiles, cladding and masonry products, it is acceptable to have up to 5% wastage, these items can be used for cuts. Other irregularities in manufactured or natural goods, may include variations in colour, texture and finish as to what was indicated online or by way of sample. We attempt to reduce irregularities, unfortunately batch variations are inherent in the manufacture of natural goods such as clay and natural stone, therefore, we do not allow returns for batch variations. However, we do suggest laying consistently from each pallet, band or crate to achieve a flow on effect of colour and texture.

Made to Order Goods are non-refundable as they are specific to your requirements. Our in-house Stone Elements products are second to none, sourced and hand-picked by Pave-link, which is a highly recognised paving installation company. Our quality procedures in place determines if goods are of first quality. Goods that are not of first quality become classed as seconds (second quality), which have irregularities such as broken or chipped edges, different sizes, shapes and variations in colour or texture that is not inherent in the production of the goods. These goods are sold significantly less than the retail prices and are non-refundable.

Can you return product after installation?

Once Goods are fixed in, this constitutes acceptance of colour, texture, finish and quality and no claim can be considered once the goods are installed. Please do not attempt to clean our natural stone goods with acid, as this will etch or dull the surface and finish of the stone. Seek advice first before using cleaning agents as they vary depending on the stone type. Sealing our Stone Elements natural stone will protect the stone from staining and help with the maintenance of the stone. Before applying any sealer, you must read and follow manufactures instructions carefully including performing a test patch first on a dry unwanted paver free from any moisture.

What happens when you return Goods?

You will be given a full refund on faulty goods. We will give you a store credit for other goods returned less 25% handling and restocking fee.

What happens if you over ordered?

If you have a surplus of goods, we suggest keeping as spares as you cannot return these goods even though our advice to customers is to order 10% extra for wastage and possibility of Goods becoming short of supply or discontinued line.

What happens if goods arrive missing or damaged?

Goods that arrive missing, damaged or incorrectly delivered shall be remedied with another shipment of the goods the next business day or as soon as possible depending on the nature of the goods. It is necessary for you to leave damaged or incorrectly delivered goods aside and ready for inspection before pick-up by our driver.