Basalt & Bluestone Pavers

Both strong stone choices, bluestone and basalt stone make for ideal natural stone pavers. Their unique texture and appearance suit a variety of design schemes.

Basalt & Bluestone Pavers



Types of Bluestone Pavers

With appealing qualities and a sleek modern aesthetic, bluestone pavers make for a popular natural stone choice. These pavers can also come in different surface finishes, including sandblasted, sawn, honed and flamed. Available in various flooring options, it can be used across multiple environments for a range of applications.

Three common types of Bluestone pavers:

  • Stoneblue
  • Original Raven
  • Mystone

Bluestones can be purchased as:

  • Pathway pavers
  • Stepping stones
  • Crazy paving
  • Capping on brick walls
  • Organic pieces
  • Pebbles

Where to use Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers have multiple uses, allowing it to be used in various environments. Available for both indoor and outdoor purposes, bluestone pavers are a versatile option for those wanting a paver that can expand across both interior and exterior areas. It is suited for residential, commercial or industrial properties.

For indoor purposes, bluestone tiles are a popular choice for their rich dark colouring and contemporary aesthetic. This can be used in several rooms, including wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and general areas like the dining room, living room and entryway. It is also low maintenance, making it even more appealing for indoor purposes.

For outdoor applications, bluestone pavers are a solid choice. It’s durability and high-traffic resistance makes it ideal for driveways, outdoor alfresco and pathways. It is also a popular pool area tile as it has a high slip resistance, making it a safe option.

There is a wide selection of bluestone paving options available from Outdoor & General. We provide multiple bluestone formats, including crazy paving, steppingstones, various sizes in regular pavers and organic pieces. Our team can help you find the ideal paving choice for your next project.

In addition to flooring, bluestone can also be used for internal and external walls. Incredibly versatile, it looks fantastic as a capping on brick walls and can be used in bathrooms, feature walls, fireplaces and for kitchen splashbacks.

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How to clean Bluestone Pavers

Interested in buying bluestone pavers? One of the biggest appeals of bluestone is that this natural stone is incredibly low maintenance. With a high stain resistance, it isn’t prone to marks and can be easy to clean if any come up over time.

However, we recommend sealing all natural stones, including bluestone pavers, for the best results. It is best to do this after it has been installed or laid. This will help maintain the quality of your tiles and extend its lifetime.

You can use a premium cleaner if your bluestone pavers need cleaning to remove dirt or debris. Our premium cleaners have been tested and are safe to use. Please read the instructions carefully and always do a run test. View our range of cleaners here


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