Porphyry Pavers

Popular for domestic and commercial designs, porphyry is a unique paving installation that is well-suited to high-traffic areas.
These natural stone pavers provide a touch of European style to any property.

  • Italian Porphyry Cobblestones

    Italian Porphyry Cobblestones

    $145.00 Inc GST
    (Per m²)

    Italian Porphyry is an extremely durable igneous rock. Its fine-grained matrix forms a crystalline background displaying larger inclusions of quartz, feldspar and other colourful minerals. Porphyry is highly resistant to frost, high temperatures and rapid temperature changes. It withstands mechanical stress, making it suitable for driveways, roadways and other high-traffic areas.

    Italian Porphyry comes in a wide range of colours, including warm purples, greys, brown, tan and rose. The split finish highlights the grain and beauty of the colours. The result is a versatile tonal quality that works with any colour palette.

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  • Italian Porphyry Crazy Paving

    Italian Porphyry Crazy Paving

    from AUD $95.00
    (per m²)

    These beautiful Italian porphyry crazy pavers have a natural split surface and edges. They come in a sophisticated contemporary grey/brown mix in both small random and large random sizes.

    Sold per m2.

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  • Italian Porphyry Random Lengths 30-60mm thickness

    Italian Porphyry Random Lengths 30-60mm thickness

    $230.00 Inc GST
    (Per m²)

    These beautiful random lengths Italian porphyry pavers have a natural split surface with sawn edges. They come in a sophisticated contemporary grey/brown mix.

    Sold per m2.

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Types of Porphyry Pavers

Sourced directly from Italy, porphyry pavers came come in many forms. Used across domestic and commercial applications, porphyry can come in multiple formats, including cobblestones, crazy paving, pebbles and random lengths.

Outdoor & General stocks multiple porphyry pavers, including:

  • Italian Porphyry Cobblestones
  • Italian Porphyry Crazy Paving
  • Italian Porphyry Random Lengths

We also offer custom-made orders according to specifications.

Porphyry pavers vary across a range of natural colour variations. A dense volcanic stone, each paver varies in colour.

Where to use Porphyry Pavers

Used in both commercial and domestic environments, the properties of porphyry make it a desired stone for many applications as flooring. Extremely durable, it is suitable for high-traffic areas. This includes a driveway or footpath and frequently used outdoor areas like courtyards.

Furthermore, porphyry is non-slip, making it ideal for wet areas. This makes it a popular choice for pools, patios, and other areas prone to water exposure, such as outdoor showers and laundries.

  • Cobblestone
  • Crazy Paving
  • Random Lengths

The irregular shapes of porphyry cobblestones also make it flexible for curved designs. This includes curved pathways or patios.

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Benefits of Porphyry Pavers

There are many benefits to porphyry pavers.

A natural stone, it has many desired qualities and valuable features. Not to mention, its European charm makes it an aesthetically pleasing flooring solution.

One of the most significant benefits is that porphyry pavers are low maintenance. This means it needs minimal cleaning and can be easily cleaned when marked.

Other benefits include:

  • it is non-slip
  • it is incredibly durable
  • it is strong
  • it has a high chemical resistance

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