Basalt & Bluestone


Natural stone has been the premier construction material for centuries as it reflects unique character, stability and durability. The timeless and elegant look that mother earth brings makes natural stone an ideal choice for your home design.

Natural stone is eco-friendly to the environment as it is quarried and fabricated without the use of chemicals. The unique variations in colours (minerals), textures and patterns are impossible to replicate. The look of stone as a facade, bench top, or a fire place is not only mesmerising but also character building to your home. The versatility of Stone allows it to be transformed in your home to many decorative uses including pavers & tiles, giving a unique look to your flooring designs.

There are many varieties of Natural Stone Pavers & Tiles in the market today. The use of stone to transform your outdoor space have become a popular trend. A lot of thought and consideration is needed as you are investing in your home for the future. Choosing a natural stone purely for its glamorous sparkle is not the only choice you will need to make, careful thought and consideration must be given to the type of stone and its suitability around your home. We have the stone know how for your home or public streetscape projects and have vested knowledge and experience through our installation division at Pave-Link.

Our large range of natural stone pavers & tiles caters for all your outdoor space in Sydney including pavers for your Pool with Coping, Patios, courtyards, driveways, Wall Cladding and public domain. We keep regular stock and can manufacture any size from small cubes to large slabs. What we don’t have in stock can be made to order. You can view our product selection below or email us your enquiry for assistance.


Bluestone is a commercial name giving to numerous stones from around the world and is becoming more and more popular as a natural stone in outdoor spaces. Bluestone as the name suggests is a blue stone ranging from dark blue to a light silver blue perfect as a modern palette to your home decor. Bluestone, like Basalt is the most common volcanic rock on the planet and is formed after rapid cooling of basaltic lava. The cooling of lava manifests into unique holes like cat paws appearing on the surface of the stone. Due to its natural origin, formed by the cooling of basaltic lava, basalt & bluestone are very durable. Their unique texture and appearance compliments a very vast variety of domestic & commercial design schemes. Our range of basalt & bluestone pavers & tiles are unique hand picked quality sourced products meeting design expectations.


Natural stone has been formed over millions of years, but improper care can ruin nature’s beauty. Stone is known to be “hard” and with many stone types such as Granite, Marble, Limestone and Travertine the levels of porosity also changes. Sealing your stone with a quality impregnating sealer will prevent most spills from damaging your investment and greatly reduces the harmful effects of acidic substances, such as vinegar and orange juice. It will also reduce the effects of high alkaline substances such as “Windex”. Although these substances normally breakdown sealers, Sealing your stone properly will afford you time to wipe up a spill, and will slow the chemical reaction between an acid or alkaline substance and the calcium carbonate in the stone.

Our Premium impregnating sealers penetrate deeply in the stone creating a substantial, deep oil and water-repellent barrier while also allowing the stone to be breathable with water vapors escaping freely preventing harmful moisture buildup inside the treated material. See our Dry- Treat products, their Stain Proof Original and Intensifia products are the ultimate in stone care protection and colour enhancing.

Environex also offers a range of penetrating, consolidating and colour enhancing sealers to protect and harden various surfaces and highlight the natural appearance of the stone. Their sealers are ISO 9001 certified, simple to use, are proudly made in Australia and many come with a 15 Year Stain Resistance Warranty like Tuscan TSL, Synergy & Pinnacle TSL.

We strongly recommend you check out our premium cleaners that have been tested and safe to use. By going through the product selectors for cleaners & sealers, you will guarantee yourself the right product is been used for your stone. Please read instructions carefully and always do a test run.

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