Limestone Pavers

Water-resistant and strong, limestone is one of the leading choices for natural stone pavers when it comes to wet areas, including backyards with pools.

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Types of Limestone Pavers

Our selection of limestone pavers is thoughtfully curated to cater to a multitude of outdoor settings. These pavers are tailor-made for various applications with options ranging from sandblasted to antique finishes.

The sandblasted finish adds a touch of texture and enhances slip resistance, making it an ideal choice for pathways and areas prone to moisture. The antique finish, on the other hand, exudes timeless charm and can lend an old-world feel to your space.

These diverse finishes ensure that your limestone pavers not only look stunning but also perform optimally under varying conditions.

The limestone pavers we sell at Outdoor & General include:

  • Rumadi Limestone Pavers
  • Tangier Limestone Pavers
  • Senai Pearl Limestone Pavers
  • Siena Limestone Pavers
  • Gem Grey Limestone Pavers
  • Farrow Limestone Pavers
  • Florence Limestone
  • Nile Pearl Limestone

Why Buy Limestone Pavers?

Limestone pavers have several advantages. The neutral colours create a subdued background for lively palettes or can serve as a dominant element in sophisticated designs. Our limestone  pavers come in sandblasted, antique and finishes suited for outdoors. That work well in wet environments, as pool surrounds and for walkways.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed in marine waters from stratified deposits of shell, sand, clay and minerals that solidify into beds of rock. Our limestones come from several high-end quarries, including establishments in Egypt with a long history of supplying quality Egyptian limestone pavers. The smooth, even structure of  limestone pavers creates a crisp, attractive finish.


Why Choose Limestone Pavers?

Limestone pavers offer a plethora of compelling reasons to be your top choice for enhancing outdoor spaces. Their unique blend of aesthetic charm and practical functionality make them an exceptional option for a wide range of landscaping and architectural projects.

Choosing limestone pavers isn’t just a decision to enhance your outdoor spaces – it’s an investment in elegance, functionality, and timeless appeal. With their adaptability, durability, and inherent beauty, these pavers are poised to transform your landscaping projects into works of art that stand the test of time.

The hallmark of limestone pavers lies in their impeccably smooth and consistent surface. This uniform structure contributes to a polished finish that’s visually appealing and tactilely satisfying. Your outdoor spaces will exude a crisp and refined appearance, creating an inviting atmosphere that beckons you to linger and enjoy.

Another standout feature of limestone pavers is their ability to complement any design vision effortlessly. The neutral tones of limestone create a versatile canvas that can provide a subtle backdrop to vibrant colour schemes or stand out as the focal point of more sophisticated and refined layouts.

Whether envisioning a lively garden oasis or a serene courtyard retreat, limestone pavers can seamlessly adapt to your creative aspirations. Elevate your outdoor experience with the understated luxury of limestone pavers.

  • Elegance in Neutrality
  • Diverse Finishes for Every Environment
  • Perfect for Wet Environments
  • The Geological Marvel of Limestone
  • Seamless Aesthetics and Quality


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