Granite Pavers

A durable stone that is able to resist surface abrasion and salt attacks, granite is a favourite when it comes to natural stone pavers due to its strong nature in both interior and exterior environments.

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Types of Granite Pavers

The choice of granite pavers will depend on the intended use, design preferences, and the overall aesthetic of your landscaping or construction project.

There is a range of finishes available when it comes to granite pavers. The most popular type is exfoliated, also known as flamed. Outdoor & General have a wide selection of flamed granite pavers. A flamed finish is a rough or textured surface achieved when the stone is exposed to heat.

Flamed granite pavers have several desirable characteristics. It is slip-resistant and ideal for outdoor spaces.

Granite pavers we sell at Outdoor & General include:

  • Sesame Black Exfoliated Pavers
  • Midnight Black Exfoliated Pavers
  • Raven Grey Exfoliated Pavers
  • Sesame Grey Exfoliated Pavers
  • Landscape Grey Granite

Where to use Granite Pavers

Versatile, granite pavers are favoured for their natural beauty and unmatched durability. Due to these elements, granite pavers can be installed in a variety of outdoor and indoor settings.

One of the most popular uses for granite pavers is for patios. Long-lasting with a great aesthetic, it is perfect for outdoor spaces, such as entertainment areas and outdoor patios. Its slip resistance, water and chemical resistance, and ability to stay cool under heat also make it compatible with pool areas.

Connecting to your patio, granite is also suitable for paths and walkways. With a solid resistance to foot traffic, it will provide a practical solution while seamlessly blending in with the nature of your backyard.

Granite can also be a great alternative as a driveway paver. Stylish and durable, it will add street appeal while providing a strong choice for the traffic your driveway may experience.



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