Slimline Pavers

Slimline Pavers


Slimline pavers are an exciting new addition to our line of natural stone, clay and engineered outdoor pavers. They offer the great look and durability of large-format pavers but are narrower and shorter, yet larger than cobblestones. The smaller rectangular shape gives the ability to create attractive patterns, such as curves, circles, and an infinite range of geometric shapes. They last more than a lifetime and are incredibly attractive. Slimline natural stone pavers can also be referred to as uniform loose cobblestones. They work well as:

⇒ Walkways.

⇒ Patio flooring.

⇒ Driveways.

⇒ Garden paths.

⇒ Decorative borders for raised garden beds, trees, and garden features.

⇒ Walkway borders and edging.

⇒ Anywhere you want to add texture and colour to your landscape and building exterior.


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