What Are Cobblestones?

The look of the ages with an “old world ” charm, cobblestones are natural stones cut down from different types of stone into small format pavers. They usually come in sizes of 90×90mm or 100x100mm and are as popular today as they were centuries ago for their European charm. Cobblestone pavers, sometimes referred to as granite setts are known for their durability, hardness and primarily used for road surfaces in both residential and commercial applications. Their popularity is growing more with cobblestone pavers being incorporated into other areas of your home. Our range of cobblestone pavers include basalt & bluestone, granite, quartzite and porphyry.

Why Buy Cobblestone Pavers?

Cobblestone pavers are inherently small allowing for excellent weight distribution across several pavers making them ideally suited for driveways. They can be laid out entirely on a driveway or used as border feature for budget conscious projects. They can even be used for walkways or alfresco areas.Cobblestone pavers in natural split finish is a textured surface that allows for more traction on steep driveways. The split finish also helps mask stains and tyre marks.

Which Cobblestone Pavers Can i Buy From Outdoor & General?

At Outdoor and General, our range of cobblestone pavers are sourced from around the world. Our commitment to sourcing materials at affordable prices is second to none. You can buy different types of cobblestone pavers as well as matching natural stone pavers and tiles for design continuity of your home or commercial project. We are committed to products that are practical and available for viewing at our showroom in Punchbowl.

Our cobblestone pavers are available in loose or with matt backing that allows for a easier cost-effective installation. You can choose from a range of colours and anti-slip finishes to accommodate your style. Our storage facility allows us to keep stock of most types of cobblestone pavers, rest assured we can also manufacture cobblestone pavers according to your project requirements.

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