What are stepping stones?

What are stepping stones?

Stepping stones, garden path stones, step pavers or whatever you like to call them, are products used to create safe paths around your home.

They serve as a walkway to guide your visitors through the landscape or between structures. They can be a focal point, acting as a prominent feature that ties your garden together, break up expanses of turf and accentuate attractive areas of your garden. They also work well as borders.

Garden path stones also provide a safe footpath through wet or muddy areas. Installing a pathway using steppers instead of paving a large area is less expensive and preserves the natural look of the landscape. Stepping stones can also be placed between paved surfaces to minimise expanses of pavement, connect separate activity areas and create variety in your garden.

Aside from all the common aesthetic benefits of stepping stones, they also play an important role in stabilising soil, minimising wear in turf and providing a safe, attractive way to traverse slopes.

Find out how to lay stepping stones properly according to the material you are using and your specific needs.
Outdoor & General has the widest range of stepping stone pavers in Sydney. Choose from a large variety of natural stones & concrete pavers to accentuate the outdoor features of your home or business. Find out how to lay stepping stones today.

The different types of stepping stones

Although stepping stones can be made of many materials, natural stone steppers are a standout. Natural stone blends into the landscape while providing timeless colour and texture, highlighting the features of your garden.
Well-chosen stones can also complement the architectural elements of your home or business. One of the many benefits of stepping stones is the wide selection available, including:

Almost any type of stone can be used for garden paths if properly installed. Outdoor & General’s stepping stone pavers provide an affordable way to create a unique look in your garden.

Garden stones come in several shapes, including ovals, circles, irregular flagstone pieces, rectangles and squares. Precisely cut rectangles give a trim, formal look to a garden. Irregular-shaped crazy pavers and flagstones create a more casual look. Ovals work well with Zen gardens or around ponds and fountains.

There are definitely a lot of options to choose from no matter the style you’re looking for.

step pavers for garden

Bluestone pavers complement architectural styles from classic to modern. The shades of blue and grey create a beautiful backdrop for entryways, patios and colourful flower beds. Distinctive cat’s paw formations in bluestone basalt pavers add interest to designs, including walkways, paved areas and wall cladding.

Our organic bluestone steppers come in a sawn finish, creating an even, flat surface that works well with modern architecture and natural gardens. Our hand-cut Athenastone® slate stepping stones bring out the beauty of the layered structure of the stone.

Once you have created your very own stepping stone path, create borders with plants, pebbles or even concrete blocks in contrasting colours. Add Akron garden pebbles between stones to accentuate the textures. Our most popular pebble selections include:

However, we have many types of decorative pebbles in sizes ranging from 10 mm to 100 mm.

Whether you are in search of natural stepping stones or other landscaping stone products, Outdoor & General offers a wide selection you can choose from according to your style and budget. Visit our website to explore our products.