Decorative Pebbles


Decorative pebbles are a versatile landscaping product which is becoming more popular with homeowners for their exotic look and stylish character. Use decorative pebbles to add some spice to your walkway, add contrast to your retaining wall, coverage between your stepping stones or fill voids in your garden beds.

Decorative pebbles are eco-friendly and come in a range of colours and sizes. The exotic and shiny pebbles you see today are actually the product of years of natural erosion on mountain sides. Chunks of eroded rocks travelling down rivers and into the ocean over the course of thousands of years, gradually transforming their rough edges and jagged shapes into beautiful round smooth pebbles. These pebbles are then collected and taken away to be transformed further  by large cylindrical barrels, which rotate resulting in a tumbling effect and the final look is astonishing.

Decorative pebbles retain moisture in the soil and are an affordable alternative to garden mulch. They also don’t need topping up every year, break down or fade in colour. Decorative pebbles are made affordable at Outdoor and General as we import from the source with fewer man handling. Your initial cost of purchasing pebbles will be slightly higher than using conventional mulch but long-term maintenance costs will be greatly reduced when you turn an average looking area in your garden into a masterpiece.

Decorative pebbles are also great at suppressing weed growth. We recommend spreading your choice of pebbles to at least 50mm thick for good even coverage to minimise voids. Placing weed mats underneath the pebbles insures greater control of weeds in the long term. If you need advice on volume needed to cover your desired area please feel free to contact us.

Were to use pebbles as a decorative feature around your home is only limited to your imagination. You can turn any lifeless outdoor area of your home to something astonishing. A very popular pebble colour chosen by our customers is snow white which is available in pure white quartz and the renown Greek white thasos marble.

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