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Historically, pavers were often made of Natural Stone or Clay & Brick, but the past decades has seen a growing trend in concrete pavers as it is more economical to produce and has tremendous pressure resistance ideal for driveways and commercial applications.

Concrete pavers are made by pouring a mixture of aggregates, cement and sand with a colouring agent in a mould of some shape and allowing to set. This manufactured process produces a larger range of colours and shapes to match any outdoor space with ease. The use of segmental concrete pavers performs better than poured concrete as the joints between the pavers allow for expansion & contraction. The ability to repair uneven areas or cracked pavers by pulling up the affected areas makes concrete pavers a viable solution than replacing old poured concrete paths with a whole new surface. The use of concrete pavers also provides an eye catching yet cost effective solution to your outdoor space and is DIY friendly.


With increasing population and development, permeable pavers is a solution to the problem of high surface water runoff which is placing heavy pressure on existing drainage systems. Permeable pavements can help restore the natural water cycle by filtering water back to the earth without sediment buildup which makes it environmentally sustainable and satisfying local government permeable area property ratios. Click on the Hydrocon Brochures for more information.


To simply put it this is a matter of preference as there is no structural or performance benefits from sealing pavers, rather a means to protect the colour and surface from stains ensuring they remain looking great for years to come. A sealed concrete paver will prevent moisture been absorbed into the surface which cause:

A sealed surface can also protect against stains from:

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