Bring a bit of European charm to your outdoor space by incorporating cobblestones. Cobblestones are an attractive, timeless paving material suitable for various outdoor applications.

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Types of Cobblestone

Cobblestones can come in various stone options. Our selection includes granite, basalt, marble, limestone and porphyry cobblestones in multiple colours that blend in with any outdoor environment. There are three types of cobblestones: loose, mesh and slimline.

Loose cobblestones are loose pieces of stone that have broken apart from blocks. Split all around, they can look vintage compared to other cobblestones.

Mesh cobblestone comes fixed, making it appear as a big carpet. It is prepared as a pattern, making it quicker to install. This type of cobblestone will have mesh backing.

Slimline cobblestones can also be referred to as uniform loose cobblestones. Narrow and shorter, they have matching rectangular shapes to give it a more uniform appearance when laid.

In addition to the different types of cobblestones, many different finishes are available. The most common surface finishes for cobblestones include bush-hammered, split-finish, sandblasted, tumbled and exfoliated. Each finish gives a distinctive look, accentuates specific characteristics and attributes of the mineral inclusions and creates a slip-resistant surface.

Cobblestone pavers we sell at Outdoor & General include:

  • Italian Porphyry Cobblestones
  • Neptune Quartzite Cobblestones
  • Landscape Grey Cobblestones
  • Adair Marble Sawn Tumbled Slimline Pavers
  • Bella Tumbled Slimline Pavers
  • Santorini Quartzite Cobblestones
  • Sesame Grey Exfoliated Cobblestones
  • Athenastone® Filleti

Why Buy Cobblestones?

Cobblestones, also known as setts, are a practical choice for homes and public spaces. These stones have become popular due to their inherent old-world charm. Not to mention, they have desirable qualities. They are durable and last for generations, making them an appealing paver choice.

It has been used for centuries throughout Europe as an ideal paving material that performs in all types of weather. This makes it suitable for Australia, where we often experience a mix of weather patterns.

The small-sized anti-slip surface finish cobblestones work particularly well on slopes, wet areas and high-traffic applications. They are great for general exterior paths, flooring, and driveways.


Where to use Cobblestones

They are traditionally associated with vintage architecture and classic landscape designs, evoking images of English country estates, Roman paving, historic roadways, and public courtyards. Today, they are used with all types of architecture, from industrial-style, modern office buildings to country cottages.

Intermix them with our other stone pavers throughout the garden. Use them for walkways, rustic pavement around trees, picnic spots or borders around beds of plants and shrubs. Their non-slip quality makes it suitable for driveways and patios and courtyards.

They look fantastic as edging for waterworks, such as fountains and garden ponds, serving as a transition from water to the natural environment. The small size makes them easy to incorporate into designs with circles and curves. They look wonderful as borders next to large pavers or to define landscaped areas.


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