Mesh Cobblestones

  • Honey Jasper Bush Hammered Cobblestones

    Honey Jasper Bush Hammered Cobblestones

    from AUD $83.25
    (per m²)

    Flecks of pink, grey and honey-coloured inclusions create a light-grey medium with undertones of honey-brown that works with any design palette. The bush-hammered finish creates a surface with a sandy, weathered appearance. Bush-hammered finishes lighten and brighten the natural tones of the stone. This finish is suitable for any wet area or applications where grip is required.

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  • Arcadia Grey Sandblasted Cobblestones

    Arcadia Grey Sandblasted Cobblestones

    from AUD $80.00
    (per m²)

    Densely packed small- and medium-sized inclusions give Arcadia Grey a distinctive, elegant look. Grey, white and black inclusions create a look of light grey paving. This handsome colour can serve as a neutral backdrop for a wide range of design applications, including driveways, pool decks, sidewalks and borders. The sandblasted finish lightens the colour of the stone, giving a weathered look. It has good slip resistance, suitable for any wet area and places where traction is needed.

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  • Arcadia Black Exfoliated Cobblestones

    Arcadia Black Exfoliated Cobblestones

    from AUD $88.00
    (per m²)

    Arcadia Black granite cobblestones range in colour from dark grey to black with an overall appearance of a deep, dark grey. The exfoliated surface mutes the colours, creating a neutral backdrop that blends perfectly with any architectural or landscape design. These stones are slip-resistant, perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Use them in courtyards, driveways, walkways, landscaping, around pools or in any area that receives moisture.


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  • Sesame Grey Exfoliated Cobblestones

    Sesame Grey Exfoliated Cobblestones

    from AUD $111.10
    (per m²)

    Sesame Grey cobblestones display the exquisite patterning of fine-grained granite. Small inclusions of black, grey and white create an overall appearance of a light- to medium-grey stone. Granite is exceptionally durable, resistant to weathering and is the premier stone for load-bearing ability. These cobblestones work well in driveways and other high-traffic applications. The roughened, exfoliated surface allows more grip and reduces skidding, an important consideration for sloped driveways and entryways.



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  • Original Raven Black Exfoliated Cobblestones

    Original Raven Black Exfoliated Cobblestones

    from AUD $104.00
    (per m²)

    Original Raven Black basalt exfoliated cobblestones exude a sophisticated simplicity, a stunning addition to a patio, courtyard or other outdoor application. Small inclusions in a dark grey background create a look of raindrops falling on stone, a colour and texture that works with any design. The exfoliated finish is slip-resistant and water-resistant, an excellent choice for wet areas, such as pool decks, sidewalks and driveways.

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  • Quartzite Cobblestones on Mesh

    Quartzite Cobblestones on Mesh

    from AUD $70.00
    (per m²)

    Quartzite cobblestones have a split face finish with tumbled edges and come in wide range of colour palette. These Quartzite cobblestones are 90 x 90 x 30mm laid in offset pattern on 300 x 300 mesh panel. They are ideal for driveways, footpaths or outdoor entertainment areas.


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