Step-by-step Guide How to Build a Simple Block Retaining Wall

Step-by-step Guide How to Build a Simple Block Retaining Wall

Are you looking to build a standard retaining wall made of blocks? A retaining wall isn’t just practical; it can also create an element of interest and visual appeal in your back or front yard. Great for sloped lots, it will help you separate the different levels of your yard while combating erosion.

Not to mention, it is also suitable for levelling and creating a flat space. This can add more purpose to your backyard and make it more aesthetically pleasing overall.

While we recommend hiring a professional as it will ensure you get the best results possible, it is possible to build a retaining wall yourself. If you want to make your retaining wall yourself, it is important to know that you must prepare the site as well.

Are you looking to build a retaining wall in your backyard but don’t want the help of professionals? Here’s a tutorial on how you can build a DIY retaining wall.


Step-by-step Guide How to Build a Simple Block Retaining Wall


Step 1

Level the ground by measuring and layout out the position of the retaining wall. Remove soil as needed (this may require excavation) and create a narrow trench for the bottom of the blocks to sit. You will want to keep some space between the back retaining wall and the earth behind it.

Step 2

Lay the base of the wall by applying a porous base – this can be sand or gravel. Spread 2 inches where the base will be laid and even it out. This will promote drainage.

Step 3

Set the first few blocks into the base, pressing down firmly. Check and make sure the first block is level in all directions by using a level. Continue with the adjoining blocks, constantly checking with a level to maintain the row at an even level.

Step 4

Lay the second row in a running bond brickwork pattern. This will increase the durability, stability and strength of the finished product. You will need to cut and fit the blocks at the end. Most of our products come with corner pieces for a neater finish.

Step 5

Check the space behind the wall once built. If there is a large set back during the construction, you may require soil to be inserted to minimise the gap. If the gap has been maintained, fill this with a porous backfill such as sand or gravel.

Step 6

Evenly insert the backfill and rake and shift in small amounts to ensure no space is left. Once done, you can add topsoil and plant turf or plants if required.


Step-by-step Guide How to Build a Simple Block Retaining Wall

Please note this is for a simple retaining wall up to 0.8m in height from natural ground level. Feel free to also use manufacturer recommended installation guidelines where available. For advice on more extensive projects, please call our friendly team on (02) 9791 1595.

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