4 Major benefits of porcelain pavers for your home in 2021

4 Major benefits of porcelain pavers for your home in 2021

1. Porcelain have Impressive Durability

People sometimes mistakenly think that porcelain are fragile. They picture delicate tiles made of a material that easily shatters. As a matter of fact there are many benefits of porcelain pavers, with that in mind, we will cover the 4 major benefits of porcelain pavers for your home in 2021.

The reality is that porcelain are manufactured at incredibly high temperatures and emerge from the process with an impressive strength and durability suitable to use as pavers. They hold up well under regular foot traffic and when serving as the material for driveways. Cars, furniture, and other heavy loads aren’t a problem for this type of paver. The strength and longevity of the material result in lower costs over time because you won’t need to spend as much money on replacements and repairs.

2. Porcelain Pavers Are Low Maintenance

When they’re produced by a reputable manufacturer, 20mm porcelain pavers can prove resistant to a variety of damaging forces. They aren’t susceptible to chipping and scratches, even when heavy patio furniture is dragged across them. They don’t suffer from the types of corrosion generated by chlorine or salt, which makes them an especially practical choice for pool hardscaping and oceanfront properties.

These 20mm pavers also don’t readily stain. For example, they don’t suffer discoloration from water damage and mould. Because its surface isn’t porous, the material doesn’t easily absorb and sustain damage from various substances and are easy to clean.

3. Porcelain Pavers Are Resilient to Extreme Temperatures

Porcelain pavers, which are made of a dense material, can tolerate frost. When subjected to freezing and thawing, the surface doesn’t crack.

What about hotter temperatures? Will porcelain pavers heat up quickly and prove uncomfortable to stand on without shoes? The answer largely depends on the colour of the pavers. For areas that are unshaded and hit with direct sunlight, a porcelain paver made of a lighter colour is a suitable choice and ideal for pool pavers. Its strong reflectivity means that it won’t absorb as much heat as a dark-coloured paver.

Another bonus to porcelain pavers is a resistance to fading. Depending on how a paver is manufactured, it will retain its gorgeous colour even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. At Outdoor & General, we stock the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. Our porcelain pavers won’t only resist extreme temperatures, there safe to use as pool copings, don’t require sealing and do not react to pool chlorine.

4. Porcelain Pavers Are Slip Resistant

People sometimes assume that porcelain are too slippery. Would it be safe to use as a paver near a swimming pool?

The truth is that high-quality porcelain pavers can be manufactured with excellent traction. Although people should always exercise caution on wet surfaces, porcelain pavers provide protection through a resistance to slipperiness and skidding. They’re a reliable choice for poolside paving and for other areas that are expected to get wet, such as a walkway doused with sprinkler water.