Limestone pavers 101

Limestone pavers 101

Limestone pavers have long been one of the leading choices when it comes to natural stone pavers. Popular for wet areas, including backyards, pool areas, and bar spaces, limestone is favoured by property owners for many reasons.

Offering a timeless appeal, limestone pavers have become a popular option for homeowners and designers alike. Its natural appearance of earthy tones ranges in shades of beige and grey. It is classic and sophisticated, appealing to various architectural styles.

Are you considering limestone pavers for your home or business? Keep reading to read all you need to know about this stone paver.


Where does limestone come from

Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed in marine waters. Made of shell, sand, clay, and minerals that solidify into beds of rock, it is composed mainly of calcium carbonate.

At Outdoor & General, we source limestones from high-end quarries, including establishments in Egypt with a long history of supplying quality Egyptian limestone pavers. Limestone pavers’ smooth, even structure creates a crisp, attractive finish.

Limestone pavers 101


Pros of limestone pavers

One of the biggest features of limestone pavers is its durability. Robust and hard-wearing, it can withstand the harsh elements, making it perfect for outdoor use. Not to mention, when properly maintained and sealed, it can last for years, making it a great investment.

Another considerable pro is its ability to stay cool. Even in direct sunlight, this stone will remain relatively cool underfoot. This makes it great for pool areas in warm climates but also comfortable and ideal for children.

Furthermore, this paver type is flexible. Cut into various shapes and sizes, it is versatile, being suitable for a range of designs and installations. This also makes it adaptable to fulfil your design vision and needs.


How to maintain limestone pavers

To maintain your limestone, regular cleaning is important. In terms of monthly cleaning, keep the quality of your pavers by regularly sweeping away debris and dirt. Occasionally, mop the pavers with a water and soap solution. Make sure to avoid acid solutions and general-purpose cleaners.
In order to encourage longevity, it is recommended you seal your pavers properly. Sealing the limestone will preserve the stone and keep maintenance to a minimum, even if installed outdoors. The sealed pavers will resist stains and retain moisture.

Limestone pavers 101


Our limestone pavers

Interested in installing limestone pavers for your project? At Outdoor & General, we proudly stock a wide variety of limestone pavers.

The limestone pavers we sell include:

  • Rumadi Limestone Pavers
  • Tangier Limestone Pavers
  • Senai Pearl Limestone Pavers
  • Siena Limestone Pavers
  • Gem Grey Limestone Pavers
  • Farrow Limestone Pavers
  • Florence Limestone
  • Nile Pearl Limestone

Varying across different colours and tones, we can guarantee a limestone paver to suit your needs.

In addition to limestone pavers, Outdoor & General sells various natural stone pavers among other flooring solutions. Our team of experts is here to fulfil your outdoor paving needs. Let them know your requirements to find the right solution.

For more information, visit our Sydney showroom to speak with our experts. To make an order, head to our website or purchase in-store.