Regal Sand 300 X 300 X 40mm Clay Pavers - Commercial Grade

Regal Sand 230 X 115 X 40mm Clay Pavers – Commercial Grade

Product Code: REGSNDCOM23X115X40

Size: 230 x 115mm

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AUD $1.71 $1.00 Inc GST

Regal Rojo Commercials are unique coloured and textured Clay Pavers not matching the standard product line from Claypave, a market leading manufacturer based in Queensland known for their superior quality pavers. Commercial pavers are higher quality Seconds than regular Factory Seconds yet with a bargain price tag ! The Regal range of pavers is a smooth finish paver which lets you create your own piece of Tuscany and are the preferred choice for your outdoor areas including driveways, pathways, courtyards, patios, and all swimming pools. 

*Inspection recommended, pavers with minor chips and scuffing can be included with the 10% extra allowance calculation for wastage.

26.32m2 per pallet


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