Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. It is an important member of our natural stone family for its classical and timeless qualities quarried and produced in Turkey. Our basalt & bluestone, granite and porphyry all have unique timeless qualities also, but when it comes to travertine each piece varies in density, veining, texture, and colour making it a popular choice for all areas of the home.


Travertine also has excellent heat resistant qualities which is ideal for swimming pool areas, it is also generally less cold to walk on during those winter months. Although travertine is durable and versatile, it has a softer surface than basalt & bluestone, granite and porphyry . The softness of travertine is due to natural holes and troughs that makes the surface porous. If the surface remains unprotected, any unintended spill or use of harsh chemicals can permanently damage the stone. To avoid those nasty spills look no further than our range of cleaners & sealers to keep your masterpiece looking great for many years to come with minimum effort.

The true beauty of travertine is the holes in the stone millions of years in the making. These holes are either “filled” with some sort of coloured epoxy or left “unfilled”. Filling the holes is a matter of preference, which is why our products are unfilled giving you the choice to fill after installation by your tiler or simply leave unfilled as a constant reminder of nature’s beauty.

Travertine comes in a variety of finishes. A popular finish that we use at Outdoor & General is the tumbled finish. As the stones surface is softer and more brittle than other types of natural stone, tumbling process somewhat polishes the stone (while maintaining slip resistance) smoothens and rounds the edges giving it an attractive antique look adding personality to your décor.

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