Stepping Stone Pavers


Stepping stone pavers are informal outdoor paths that give you a clean access around your home or garden without breaking the budget. They can be laid down as garden paths, lawn paths, shed paths or even as decorative paths. They turn lifeless dull areas to a visual attraction at a fraction of the cost of formal paved paths. Stepping stones allow for better drainage, they can be pulled up and relaid if necessary giving easier access to underground services.


Traditional stepping stones are irregular shaped pavers placed randomly for an informal look, but these days you can use just about any rectangular or square natural stone paver or man-made. You can create just stepping stone paths or a grand design matching stepping stones with other outdoor formal paved areas of your home, with most of our products been available in different sizes and finishes. Whether you are looking for garden pavers, paving stones, paving slabs or large pavers to use as stepping stones, you can navigate through our categories of basalt & bluestone, granite, porphyry, travertine, concrete pavers and clay and brick pavers for inspiration.

Crazy Paving is a crazy-look surface flooring using irregular shapes of small, medium and large pieces of stone. Crazy paving can also be known as flagstones or flagging stones. The pieces come together like a jigsaw puzzle but without touching, creating gaps in between the stone that get grouted with mortar. Instead of mortar filling gaps, crazy paving can be laid with larger spacing allowing grass to grow or for adding decorative pebbles giving the appearance of stepping stones. With our Italian porphyry selection you can create this wonderful look using our larger pieces of flagging.

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