Retaining Wall Blocks

  • Miniwall Blocks
  • Sydneystone Blocks

    Sydneystone Blocks

    from AUD $8.90
    (per block)

    Sydneystone blocks are available in standard split face finish with chamfered edges at the top and both sides. Whether you’re building a straight or curved wall, Sydneystone offers a great solution for a clean and contemporary dry stacked retaining wall.


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  • Austral Arrinastone Retaining Wall Blocks

    Austral Arrinastone Retaining Wall Blocks

    from AUD $5.70
    (per block)


    Arrinastone Retaining Wall Blocks are light weight providing an easy way to create a practical outdoor space to your garden. The clean sharp lines provide a contemporary finish that will be the envy of the street. Available in 5 colours , maximum build height of 600mm (4 rows) and is great for Straight walls, corners & steps.

    *Colour samples online are indicative only, you should always sight product samples to be certain as natural variations in aggregates may vary the colour.


    Retaining Wall Arrinastone Standard Unit supplied by Outdoor & General

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  • Adbri Versawall DIY Retaining Wall Blocks

    Adbri Versawall DIY Retaining Wall Blocks

    In Stock

    Adbri Versawall DIY Retaining Wall Blocks is a unique interlocking retaining wall system perfect for constructing pure vertical DIY walls and planter boxes to 800mm in height or up to 1400mm with engineering and No Fines Concrete. Available in 3 colours.

    Standard Block  $ 11.75

    Corner Block Each Piece (L or R) $11.75  

    Split Cap $4.25

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  • Adbri Wallstone 3 Retaining Wall Blocks

    Adbri Wallstone 3 Retaining Wall Blocks

    In Stock

    Adbri Wallstone 3 Retaining Wall Blocks are large faced retaining walls and garden edging blocks with modern split faced texture. Available in 3 quality colours, this is the perfect solution to your backyard projects. Wallstone 3 can be laid to a maximum Vertical height of 600mm Cap (4 courses) without needing reinforcement.

    Standard Block   $ 6.05   300L x 220W x 150H

    Corner Block Single Piece (L or R)  $14.80  370L x 220W x 150H

    Universal Smooth Cap $4.05  300L x 250W x 60H


    Wallstone 3 corner piece charcoalWallstone 3 Charcoal for your garden project

    Wallstone 3 Universal Cap





    Wallstone 3 Bondi Blend


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Retaining wall blocks are easy to install and ideal for building soil retaining walls, reclaiming sloped land, reducing erosion and even creating feature garden walls, planter boxes and veggie patches. Retaining wall blocks are durable, hard wearing and not prone to rotting. The use of interlocking system makes it ideal for your next DIY project.

Whether your building a low wall or an engineered retaining wall to a small garden edge, Outdoor and General can supply all the construction materials you need to get the job done fast. We work closely with Adbri Masonry & Austral Masonry to deliver top quality products. We keep stock available for purchase in store or online which is replenished regularly. What we don’t have in stock can be ordered and delivered to our showroom as early as next business day for pick up.

Our dedicated team are on hand to assist you in any residential or commercial enquiry. If you need product information, click on our supplier logos below and follow the link to download brochures. Our product range available through Adbri Masonry & Austral Masonry extends to concrete pavers for commercial and domestic outdoor spaces, including pavers for driveways, patios, courtyards, pathways, swimming pools and more. Also available concrete retaining walls with & without reinforcement, retaining wall caps, concrete blocks, garden wall blocks and garden edging.

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