Granite Pavers

A durable stone that is able to resist surface abrasion and salt attacks, granite is a favourite when it comes to natural stone pavers due to its strong nature in both interior and exterior environments.

Granite has been a stone of choice throughout the world for thousands of years because of its beauty, durability and versatility. Today, homeowners choose to install granite both indoors and outdoors for the same reasons that people used it in the past. It is attractive, water-resistant, strong, needs minimal care and lasts a long, long time. It comes in many colours, including black, dark grey, red, green, tan, white, deep blue and maroon.

Outdoor & General offer a wide selection of granite pavers that can be used in many applications. Install them around pools, as driveways, as walkways and as courtyard paving. Use them to create a meandering stepping stone path through your garden.

For public buildings, office complexes or multi-housing areas, granite is a suitable, durable stone for concourses, fountains, entryways, flooring and landscaping. Here are some questions and answers about natural stone granite pavers.dark granite paver

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  • What are Granite Pavers?
  • Where are Granite Pavers Used?
  • What are The Benefits Of Granite Pavers?
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