Crazy Paving

  • Stoneblue Bluestone Crazy Pavers

    Stoneblue Bluestone Crazy Pavers

    from AUD $77.00
    (per m²)

    The random shapes of bluestone crazy pavers give an informal look to a garden path or walkway. Our Stoneblue bluestone pavers come in a sawn finish which is sanded after cutting to give a smoother yet slip resistance surface. Bluestone is water-resistant, durable and strong.

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  • narrow footpath crazy paving

    Athenastone® Crazy Pavers

    $90.00 Inc GST
    (Per m²)

    Crazy pavers create a charming, old-world look in a modern landscape. Our Athenastone® slate crazy pavers are rough-hewn irregular pieces with a split, unfinished surface on all sides, accentuating the layered structure of the rock, the grey shades blend seamlessly with the natural environment. The rustic look of natural crazy pavers adds texture and depth to the landscape. Their strength and durability make them suitable for driveways and high traffic areas. Check out our installation video.


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  • Italian Porphyry Crazy Paving

    Italian Porphyry Crazy Paving

    from AUD $95.00
    (per m²)

    These beautiful Italian porphyry crazy pavers have a natural split surface and edges. They come in a sophisticated contemporary grey/brown mix in both small random and large random sizes.

    Sold per m2.

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